Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter's Last Hurrah...

I hope.
I didn't get much done today.
Sewed a bunch last night during
the Friday Night Sew-in...
150 blocks sewn.

Started laying out the blocks this morning...
didn't like what I was seeing.
So, I changed things up a bit
and laid some blocks out.
Not sure what I think.
Ran out of time.
Leaving everything where it is.
Things will look better
(or, at least different)

Hope you're getting something done!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we just need to take a day and not do too much and then tomorrow things will come together for us.
I am doing nothing today but enjoying the kids, talking to you and Jill. There is tomorrow to get more work done.

I need more blanket projects to do and I just discovered that an old friend is in town with her new baby and she now has 2 girls so I can make 2 fleece blankets!!! There is a sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

Thanks for calling me. Love you, Joyce

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
Got nothing done yesterday, but it was grandson's fifth birthday party so that's OK. There's always hope I'll get something accomplished today!
Good luck with your quilt blocks!
Isn't your big a** star rug screaming at you yet?
Pug hugs :)

dexmangoldens said...

Yes, tomorrow is another day and it will all look different to you.
I got some things done Sat., but today I am going to clean the cattery. And I will be home in time to watch Nascar. Am reading Hell Gate by Linda Fairstein. I love her books!

TamboinMO said...

I woke up to ice covered trees and pansies this morning. I hope this really IS winter's last hurrah!

WoolenSails said...

I do not want any more snow, lol.
We had such a nice week and I have no car, errr.
Guess I will have to go out and walk around the yard with Casey some more.