Sunday, March 28, 2010


April is my month for the Bee Addicted 3 block swap.  Here's how it works...there are 12 of us in the swap...each one has a specific month.  When it's time for your month, you send out fabric and notes on what type of blocks you'd like everyone to make.  So far, we've had circles on squares, wonky quarter log cabins, improv blocks (twice) and wonky houses.  I am going for something traditional.  I'll be sending enough fabric for the 11 gals to make 2 blocks Shoo Fly and one Monkey Wrench block.  The piecing together of this quilt will  be quite far from traditional, though.  Just wait...I think you'll love'll be awesome.  Promise.

Here is the fabric...I showed these last fall when I purchased them from the prim quilt shop that I love, JJ Stitches.  ( can look...and I'm thinkin' you'll be smiling.)

Here are the packets all ready to send out.  Need to write out notes and they'll be ready to go. 

It's a fun group to belong to...9 of us live in the U.S., 1 is in Australia, 1 is in England, and 1 is in Canada.  Belonging to a swap is giving me experience making different kinds of blocks and I'm having a great time with them!  Can't wait to see the quilts made from all the blocks we've been putting together!

There's not much sewing going on around here these days.  My house is in complete chaos...there is more painting to be done.  By the landlords.  

My son will be coming this week to pick up several pieces of furniture from me...things I no longer need.  I'm trying to declutter/simplify in preparation for my move.  Once he's  got those pieces out of here, I'll be able to move things around a bit and get everything back together.

I have "The Bone Collector" movie here.  I saw the movie years ago when it first came out - and read the book - but I just felt the need to see Denzel again.  I want to sit in my big easy chair with my feet up on the ottoman and eat popcorn while I enjoy watching Denzel.  I really hope to do this later today.  

Have a good Sunday!


moosecraft said...

This is going to be a B-U-TEE-FUL quilt! Love the color choices!

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful fabrics, you made nice choices for those types of blocks.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
Your quilt swap sounds like fun. I love all the quilting you are doing, but I do not need another craft I don't have time or money!
When are you moving, or does it depend on when the house is sold? What a pain! You are being smart in preparing for the move and not waiting until the last minute and then have WAY too much stuff to pack and move.
Good luck to you!
Pug hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Gorgeous fabrics Jacque! I can just imagine it all together.
I love The Bone collector. Every time I see it on tv, I sit and watch it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your movie! It's a good one! Joyce

Thistlebrooms said...

First of all, Tell me how you like the Bone Collector, then when you get time...Denzel is such a Fantastic Actor...


How did it go with the painting of your ceiling? Anymore splatters all over the place? Did you ever settle it with your CRAZY landlord???? Maybe you should set up surveillance cameras!!!

Rainy day here and I'm doing some reading and stitchin', NOT at the same time though...

My Best~Marilyn

kelley said...

oh yes I love this going to make a wonderful quilt!