Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Goin' On...

I've got some projects going on.
4 major ones...a few minor ones.
I think.
Could be wrong.

In any case...
I got the backing together for last year's BOM.
This quilt will be going to Janer.
Not sure if you all knew that or not.
That corner there, with the red blocks...
that's a signature square.
On the back.

I started putting my Charmed Whirlygig top together.
Bit by bit, it'll get done.
Borders to add once the rows are together.
Backing is a large floral...gonna be very exciting!

I have all of the blocks cut out for Paul & Rachel's quilt.
I am very anxious to get started,
but really need to finish those other things first.

And, I got the backing all sewn together for the quilt top Kelley sent me.
With the backing fabric she sent me.
More than enough.
Will use the rest of these 3 for a scrappy binding.

I also have a large rug hooking order that I've been working on.
Almost done.

So, that's what I've been up to.
How about you?


Anonymous said...

Wow - I figured you were busy since I didn't see anything on your blog for a few days. Those quilts are absolutely wonderful!!

moosecraft said...

Busy, busy, busy!!! Great quilts! Did I read "rug hooking order"? :-)

dexmangoldens said...

I love Janer's quilt! The whirlygig one is way to busy for me, but looks cool. I showed my tissue holder to someone today that loved it, as she has not patience for such detail! Have fun with the rug hooking order.

Brenis said...

OOhh lookin awesome Jacq!! Loving that whirlygig, and janers too!! And Paul and Rachel's is going to be AWE SOME!! I can see why you are itching to get to it!! LOL

WoolenSails said...

That's all you did this week? LOL
I need you to come over and kick me into gear;)
I did go to the quilt shop sale and bought some fabric, so I have to make something now.


Joanne said...

Hmm did i see mention of "Rug hooking" - Wow! lol! love that whirlygig and love the colors in Janer's - Oh boy - you have been busy cutting blocks!

ohiostar5 said...

You really have been busy. My daughter and great grandaughter (3 yrs.) are flying in from Tennessee next week so I am trying to get some things done before they come. Today I would like to put binding on two quilts. cut 2 twirley skirts, start on my Quilts for Kids quilt, sandwich my Schnibbles, get a pedicure and take the dog for grooming. Don't think there are enough hours in the day! We quilters do over schedule, don't we?

lisa said...

Oh your work is beautiful!!! Have a great week...Lisa

jane augenstein said...

Oh, Jacque very, very nice work on those quilts!!! You are just quilting up a storm girl!
I need to get back to rug hooking but the weather has turned really warm and sunny so.....yesterday I got on Gilly and went on a 2 hour ride!!! It was GREAT!!! Today is another sunny warm day, I may have to ride again!

Em said...

Whirligig is so clean and I love the choice of colorful fabrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fun pattern quilt!