Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've got quite a few things on my mind right now.  
 Too many to concentrate on any single one, really.  

I didn't have such a terrific day.
Oh, it wasn't really that bad.
Mostly, I am trying to adjust to the fogginess
I am feeling from a new medication I've started 
for the chronic pain in my knee.
And, I overslept this morning, so got to work an hour late.
Hate to start the day already behind.

Then I came home to find paint flecks
(ya know, from painting the ceiling with a roller?)
over half of my table.
The table where the thread canister
and quilting gloves
and sewing machines
and other things are.

Yup, that's right.
Little bitty paint flecks on my quilting gloves,
sewing machine cords, 
wrapping paper,
thread canister,
plastic serger cover,
& my seam ripper.

Fortunately, I had covered my machines with towels.
Even more fortunate is the fact 
that it was water-based paint
and cleaned up rather easily.

Okay...back it up, Jacq.  

Remember, the house is for sale.
So, my landlords have been painting.
Today, the ceiling in the sunroom,
which is where I sew, was painted.
I was told drop cloths would be used,
but I have a difficult time understanding where the paint 
flecks came from if everything was covered up.
I actually thought of taking photos before I cleaned it up.

But, I didn't.
When I called to ask my landlord about it,
he said he had used a drop cloth and that 
there were no paint flecks anywhere.

When I told him that they were everywhere on that table
and that I had just spent 1/2 hour wiping the paint up,
he said that he 'begged to differ'.

So, I was wiping up figments of my imagination?
I was so upset, I just hung up on him.
I really hate it when I lose my cool.
Which, by the way, I do often.
Lose my cool.
Usually, though,
I am able to settle down enough to carry on
a reasonable discussion with the person involved.

Not today!
Temper, temper!

The living room ceiling is next to be painted.
In the midst of my temper, temper,
I moved everything 
(except for the big, heavy stuff)
into the dining room.
I am NOT going to chance getting
paint flecks on anything else!    

I am not happy.  At all.
I think I shall go to bed so that I can 
wake up in a fog again tomorrow morning.


WoolenSails said...

Not a good day and I get mad too, when people don't care and lie to me. Sometimes we need to blow off some steam;)


kks said...

unbelievable!! i can understand being upset! good grief....obviously no drop cloth!! oh my

moosecraft said...

I don't blame you for getting mad. Sounds like he put the drop cloths over his eyes... I hope the living room goes a bit smoother. And, yes... take pics... you might need them one day...

lisa said...

Oh that is not nice for a realtor to lie...If he is lieing about that what else is he going to lie or hide from you? Hope you have a better day today..Lisa

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Hope you have a better day today and things go a lot smoother for you.

why not sew? said...

Jacque, I'd be PO'd too. Hope today is better and that the medication for your knee gets better too. I'll be thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

Well I typed a comment and don't know what happened to it so I will try again! If you get this twice, it's just me!
I hope you adjust to the new meds and your landlord could at least have said he was sorry, but he THOUGHT everthing was covered. Take a deep breath and say a prayer. Love you, Joyce

Joanne said...

I would be p-o'd too - nothing i hate worse than someone lying to me - i guess people think others are just stupid - little does your landlord know he can't pull the "wool" over your eyes!

Anyway - sorry you had that happen - not fun having to clean up everything.

Are you looking forward to moving?

dexmangoldens said...

Tell him to show you the drop cloths. Obviously he didn't use them, cuz how would paint flecks get on sutff if it was covered. DUH! I'd be really peeved too and would have a thing or two to say. Put your own sheets or blankets over your furniture, otherwise if he FORGETS again, you won't have ruined furniture. BOY OH BOY!!!

Thistlebrooms said...


I also believe Guys just DON'T see the same dirt (MESS) as we do...
I remember my X saying "What Mess???"

Oh well, that was another time...

Wishing you Sweet Dreams To Come...

My Best~Marilyn

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

ugh. yes, cover your stuff going forward is great advice. time to go play with Tag to get in a better mood.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Sorry to hear about your distress...are you moving? Dianntha

JoJo said...

Jacque, first of all I have to say I would have been furious! But since you're moving, you're not going to have to deal with this imbicile of a landlord for much longer. Stuff like this always makes me wonder what rock these people crawled out from under?

Sorry to be away lately. I've got the flu and am still not sure I want to live through this. This stuff is BAD.

I hope you can get used to your new medication and get out from under that foggy feeling.