Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Collies and 1 Lab...

I used to do crewel embroidery.  And, needlepoint.  And, counted cross stitch.  For years and years.  And, years.  Then, I got into rug hooking.  During all of those years, I sewed.  Always.  But, I never sewed quilts.  Until 2009.  And, since that time, I don't do much else.   

Except.  As most of you know, Sharon and I got each other all excited about the Snow Days quilt, which involves a great deal of stitchery/embroidery.  We're 7 months into it and I do not regret one single stitch.  I find it very relaxing - and enjoyable - to work on while watching tv in the evenings.   

One day, while thinking about projects past and present...and about embroidery...and about my big a** star rug...and then about another rug that has been waiting to be started for several years, I had an idea!  

But first, let me fill you in with some background.  Back in February of 2006, I received a rug hooking pattern of my 3 collies and 1 lab that I had commissioned Elizabeth Black to draw for me.  She is an artist/rug hooker well-known for her animal designs.  It's a wonderful design, and it's all drawn out on foundation fabric for me.  3 x 5 feet in size.  At the same time, I commissioned Gail DuFresne to dye wool for it.  Yup, I did.  

And, what have I done with it?  Nothing.  The pattern on foundation fabric and the wool are stored very carefully, but they are stored.  On my closet shelf.  Back then, my first hesitation was the amount of time I would need to commit to hooking a rug of that the small cuts of wool strips that Elizabeth recommends (#3 - #5).  I had intended to begin it as my 2007 project.  But, everything changed that year...I moved, I lost Cruiser...just a really bad time of my life.  

Time went by.  I worked on other rugs.  Then, in 2009, I started making quilts.  Well, that put all of my rug hooking on the back burner.  Heck, more than just on the back burner...more like in the back 40.  It's been 3 years since I picked up a hook (well, except to do the sheeps' eyes on the 2sheep rug I finally finished this past winter).

About a year ago, I gave some thought to doing the collies/lab design with fabric.  In a smaller size as a wall hanging.  That's as far as that went.  Thoughts. 

Then, one day this summer, while I was thinking about the collies/lab design, I came up with an excellent idea.  Truly!  I have the drawing saved on my computer...which means that I am able to make it as large - or SMALL - as I want.  So.  I could make it an easy size to embroider.  Right?  It wouldn't be too difficult at all...just need to follow the lines Elizabeth drew.  I wouldn't really need to add much, if anything, to it.  At all.  I am kind of excited about this.  I will finally be able to use this beautiful design that Elizabeth drew for me.  And my beloved collies and the brown boy will be memorialized.  This project won't be started until after Christmas, of course.  

What do you think of that idea??

Want a peek at the pattern?  Here it is...

Speaking of stitching.  I finished block 7 of the 'Snow Days' quilt.  It is amazing how much one can accomplish when one has nothing else to do is under doctor's orders to rest.  This block is 9 x 9 inches. 

With a total of 14 blocks to be stitched on, I am now at the halfway point.  Course, I have yet to begin piecing the fabric blocks.  I think that will be best done once all the stitched blocks are completed.

I must get moving...way past time to start my day.  

Hope you have a good one!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11


Farm Girl said...

You were going to hook that? There is so much detail in it I know because I am not that good, I wouldn't be able to get the detail I could with embroidery but that is just me. I think doing it with embroidery would be so much easier. It is really pretty. You know I love hearing about your life before I met you. Did you blog about it much?
You asked what I have been working on? I have a picture of the rug I am working on right now as my post from yesterday.
I hope you have a great day today.

Pokey said...

It is a cool, but detailed drawing. It would look nice done in embroidery, too. Keep going slow, Jacque, we want to hear you are better ~

Joanne said...

Oh Jacque - it will look great no matter what medium you use. That is a big undertaking iffen you would have hooked it - I did Nicky in a #6 cut (pattern drawn by Jon C. and that was SMALL ENOUGH for me!

WoolenSails said...

Can't wait to see how you do the collies up.
I loved doing the ones I did for you and lots of good free graphics on the web to help with designs.

I need to get going this week. Going to be hard, Bill is home and I want to have fun, I need the outdoor exercise, so will do what I need to do and worry about the rest next week;)


Barb said...

That is an absolutely beautiful drawing! It would be magnificent in embroidery! Just think of the beautiful Cosmos colors that could really pop the dogs right off the page! I love your Snow Days embroidery! I too have a Crabapple Hill to work on! Enjoy, but take it easy!

Jacqueline said...

A great pattern for embroidery .. as for hooking it, I would be over whelmed.

Take care

Courtney said...

I think you're on to something here. I would love to see that stitched up. It does seem rather detailed for hooking...but then again, I'm more of a primitive girl. Those talented hookers who do shading and all that could probably do that pattern justice! I can picture it like the snow days blocks and I think it would be swell!
Keep us posted!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
I cannot even begin to imagine hooking that as a rug. Even embroidered sounds very ambitious to me. Good luck to you!
Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

That pattern is awesome of the must do something with it!
Embroidery would be good, time consuming, but something you could do while sitting and watching TV...hope you are feeling better also!