Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dog Meets Cat...Part Two!

Julie brought Kisa out yesterday afternoon
(her fave place to sleep is under the bed).
Tag just wanted her to play with him.
She, however, declined.

He gave her many kisses
but Kisa did not change her mind.
She did her best to ignore him.
Thinking that if she turned her
back on him, he'd go away.
Fat chance of that happening!

Tag was just way too interested.
He finally laid down on the floor
where he could keep an eye on her.
And, seriously...
he did not take his eyes off her.

We'll put them together again...
perhaps later today.


WoolenSails said...

Too funny, kitty with an attitude.


kks said...

Tag is in love! should keep him busy trying to romance her!
too cute!!

Courtney said...

Oh that dear sweet Tag! I do hope he wins her over!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
I bet they will end up being best buds!
Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so you aren't letting her stay out of the bedroom all day? Just introducing them a little at a time? Lol they are too funny. Joyce

Kim said...

I think Kisa and Millie and related. That is exactly how she treats her "cousin" JD, the Yorkie. She ignores him and turns her back, refusing to make eye contact. LOL

moosecraft said...

LOL! I'm starting to feel real bad for Tag... such a sweetheart and he's being ignored... awwwwww... give him hugs and kisses from me! :-)

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying, and I believe it is true..."you're nobody until you are ignored by a cat..." he doesn't get it tho...I bet she will bond with him in time...who wouldn't, right?
Will watch for the continuing saga...

Joanne said...

I'm with Sharon - I feel bad for Tag - Kisa is just playing hard to get! He's such a good boy welcoming her to his home!

kelley said...

How sweet is Tag? He looks so happy to have a new friend...even if just to look at for now...

Nanci said...

Ummm Jacque, see the cat's ears? that tells it all. The dog should be just a bit weary of getting too close. As far as cats are concerned...dogs are stupid!