Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dog Meets Cat...Part Three!

Tag is a Labrador Retriever.
He loves water!

However, he does not love water
when it is squirted in his face.

Go figure.

Julie brought Kisa out.
Julie sprayed Tag one time.
Yup, just once.
He stayed away from Kisa.
Even when she started roaming around the living room.
He didn't bark at her, either.

In the photo below...
(taken by Julie with her phone)
Tag = very alert, watching Kisa.
Kisa = laying in front of the ottoman, 
watching Tag watch her.

Stay tuned!


moosecraft said...

Awww... poor Tag! I don't like water squirted in my face neither... hopefully Kisa will give in and play with Tag! :-)

Farm Girl said...

Poor guy, it has been his house for so long and then the cat shows up.
Sounds a lot like Lady and the Tramp don't you think? You know when the Siamese show up. :)

Courtney said...

Oh, he's trying to be such a good boy! Look at his face...priceless! Before you know it, they'll be snuggling together!