Friday, July 23, 2010


I love gifts.
I seriously do.
It doesn't matter what for...
birthday, get well, anytime, anyplace.
I'm kinda greedy that way.  
Kinda deserving, is my thought. 

Better to receive than to give much of the time.
With me.

You think I'm kidding, don't you.

Okay, but really? 
I kinda am. 
But, not totally.

I like to think I reciprocate
(but I know I don't),
but I do what I can.

All that just to tell you that my birthday gift from 
Brenis arrived in the mail this week.
My birthday is in February.
5 months ago.
Better late than never!
As good an excuse as any, I suppose.

One year, me Mum told her 4 daughters 
- who all live out of town or state from her - 
that if we couldn't get her birthday gifts
into the mail on time to arrive by her birthday,
to just skip it.

So, I did.

That'll learn her.

Mostly tongue-in-cheek.
But, not all!

Anyway.  Look what Brenis made for me!
This is so totally awesome, I cannot believe it!
24 x 24 inches.
See the hand-quilting?
This woman rocks.

More things in the box.  
She's my stash-builder...always sends me fabric.
That's some Joel Dewberry there, ya know.
Gotta love a friend like that!
And, I do.
And, see the iron?
I've been complaining for a year that
my $7.00 iron was a piece of junk (imagine that).
So, she bought me a new iron.
Gotta love a friend like that, too...
one who pays attention.

What else was in the box...
quilt magazines, a jelly roll pattern, 
a whatchamacallit to hang around your neck
and attach scissors or measuring tape...
whatever you wish.

I think that's all.
Good grief!
It was a box filled with wonderful gifts.
Thank you, Brenis!


Okay, must go now.
Gotta feed Tag & myself and
get busy with the Friday Night Sew-in.


Why Not Sew? said...

That is so great! What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful friend too!

WoolenSails said...

You crack me up and yes, we don't admit it, but we love getting presents, who doesn't;)

Wonderful goodies and nothing like a nice iron for fabrics. I bought a new one for mine and no water in it, just to press my stuff.


Anonymous said...

I love getting mail and gifts too (hint hint) j/k brenis is very nice. I just bought a $9 iron the other day cuz my old one gave out on me too! Enjoy your Friday night! Love Joyce

Joanne said...

Oh jacque - You crack me up too - Bren's gifts are wonderful ! - yes you do deserve them - now I'm feeling guilty that I sent Tag something and not you! LOL What a friend I am - send you something to make for Tag - teehee! Anyway - glad you are feeling better too - that has to be a great gift!

Kim said...

Hahaha, its like you are reading my mind. We share the same philosophy on gifts! Giving is good BUT receiving is awesome!!
You have a great friend, and you deserve it.