Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Kinds of Stuff!

I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet was down for several hours.  Cuz of the rain.  When it rains, (it pours) satellite speed internet sometimes does not work!  What a major pain.

This may be long...depends on how carried away I get. 

First things first.  I had a flat tire on the way home from work on Friday.  I was not overjoyed.  Not one little iota.  However!  It could have been a lot worse, and the fact that it wasn't was truly a 'praise God' moment!  My tire was a bit low the other day, so I put air in it.  When I left work on Friday, I noticed it was a bit low again.  Shoot.  It's the last remaining tire that came with my car...the other 3 have been replaced.  I made a note to self to call the tire store when I got home.   I ran a few errands on my way of them being to stop at the bank to get some cash because I ran out of checks and am waiting for them to arrive in the mail.  On my way to Hobby Lobby, I stopped and put some air into the tire.  When I left Hobby Lobby, my tire blew.  ohdear...what to do?!?  I called John (the same John who unlocked my car for me a few weeks ago) and he said he would call someone (being a service garage, they don't do roadside service) and took down my location and phone number.  He called me back a few minutes later to let me know that a tow truck was on its way.  Luckily, I had enough cash to pay him.  Holy Schmoly...It took less than 5 minutes for that tire to be changed...thinking the guy must be from some nascar pit crew, he did it so fast!  {grin}

So, what, you're asking, did I praise God for?  The circumstances of going to the bank to get cash, and the fact that I was not yet out on the highway.  Though I wasn't thrilled about the entire thing, I have much to be thankful for.  And, that's not all!  While on the way home, I said outloud, "ohplease, God, let there be a fun package in the mail today!"  When I pulled up to the mailbox and opened it, I smiled and thanked God...cuz there was a package in the mailbox!  Not either of the ones I am waiting for, but one, nonetheless!  Now, I know that God did not 'zap' a package into the mailbox upon hearing my prayer...but the circumstances of the day, the happenings... were all part of the plan.  His plan.  It amazes me!  I am so blessed.

Okay.  The package.  It was in care of me, but addressed:

I was grinning as I opened the package.  

The first thing I opened was this card.  See...for Tag!  From Miles, Riley & Jonesy...Joanne's cats.  {grin}  Joanne is a longtime online buddy...she loves Tag (don't you all?) and, because I have been receiving some fun packages in the mail, her cats felt that it was his turn.  Check out Joanne's blog here.

In the package...ohmygosh...2 generous 1/2 yard cuts of fabric & two tennis balls!  What a lucky boy.  All for Tag E. Butt!

Now really.  Take a look at that fabric...isn't that the most adorable fabric you've ever seen?  I sure think so!

I knew immediately how to use the fabric, too!  Tag has never had his own 'special' crate pad.  I put blankets in there for him.  Allegra had a really cute puppy (not collies, though) fleece pad.  I still have it, but I have not passed it on to Tag.  Cuz it was Allegra's.  But, now he will have his own!!!  YAY!  

Course, I had to get right on it, so here's how it looks now...

I was going to showcase the chocolate puppies, but after playing around with it for an hour, I changed my would have wasted too much fabric.  Instead, I figured out what size blocks would use the most fabric and would also give me what I needed for the size pad I wanted.  As you can see, there are lots of yellow, black and chocolate lab pups...and one golden retriever pup (the one laying on the green pillow).  Thank you so much, Joanne, Miles, Riley & Jonesy!   

I finished the remaining 4 blocks of my postage stamp quilt.  There are 1296 squares in this quilt...

Once I have it sewn together, it should measure about 70" square.

I watched the movie, Dear John, yesterday.  Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name, it is definitely a chick flick.  Good, though. 

edited to add:  Click on the link to see what the movie is all about:  "Dear John"

Last, but certainly not least...I am participating in 'doll quilt swap 9'!!!  

This will be my 3rd dqs and I am so happy that I made it in.  In previous swaps, there was just a general sign-up with a certain number allowed.  Once that number was reached, the sign-up was closed.  This time, a lottery draw was put in place...5 days for sign-ups and then the draw.  We will find out next week who our partners are.  It's always so much fun to find out who you'll be making a quilt for.  This is a secret swap.  You know who you're giving to...once you find out, you stalk her/him, figure out what might be appropriate and then go for it!  But, you don't know who you will receive from - until the quilt arrives in the mail.  We have until the first part of September, so that gives us plenty of time to plan and execute a doll quilt.

No more stuff to write about (yeah, sure).

PS  I had been home for a long while (on Friday) when John from the service station called to see if everything worked out and if I got home okay.  How nice was that!  Will have to bake some cookies or something for him. 


Angie said...

Wow - I have a chocolate lab too! Love the lab fabric, do you know who makes it?

Joanne said...

OH Jacque - I love Tags new top! You do such great work and once again - fast! Oh and that postage stamp quilt - gorgeous - all those little squares - oh my - the colors are great! So happy you have a "John" to call and help you out - good to know people are generally good souls and I'm so happy it was a good end to your day! You deserve it!

Emma said...

So...not to burst any bubbles, but the context of "Dear John" in that movie is totally wrong. A "Dear John" letter is when a guy's significant other breaks up with him via letter. You know, "Dear John, I'm tired of waiting for you to come home. I'm seeing Bobby now" or something similar. I haven't seen the movie, but please don't think that a Dear John letter is a good thing...all of the guys I know that have gotten those letters (which usually happens while said guys are deployed or away for training and can't call or come home to talk about it) deserve better. :) I'm not mad at you, just at the way the movie makes it sounds.

On a brighter note, I love the fabric for Tag's crate pad! So cute!

Jacque. said...

Hey Emma...thanks for your comments! I wanted to reply to you via email, but am unable to. In the movie, the guy's name is she was actually writing, "Dear John" in each letter she wrote him. And, she did write a 'dear john' (as we know you described it) letter to him. Not to give too much away, but the movie does have a happy ending.

Farm Girl said...

Hello Jacque, What a great post!! I love how upbeat you were about the flat tire, car trouble makes me panic so bad that I never can see the good for awhile. I love that you got a sweet, sweet package in the mail when you got home. Love the fabric. Not to mention the address on the package. :) I wondered if you were having a Friday night sew in on Friday night. Now I know.
Oh, love the postage stamp quilt.
You kept saying that and I didn't know what you meant. Now I do.
It sound like you have been busy and I love seeing all of the progress you make.
Have a nice Sunday,
We are planting trees today so I am off to do that before it gets hotter.
See Ya,

moosecraft said...

Yes! You definitely need to take some goodies to John! Love that fabric for Tag-E-Butt's bed! Joanne, Riley, Jonesy and Miles sure know how to pick stuff out! :-) Your postage stamp quilt is amazing! I know it was done block by block... but gee whiz, that's alot of little sqaures! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are certainly getting a lot done these days. Waiting for Alyssa's bag to be done - can't wait to see what you come up with.
They are only here for 4 more weeks so I am hoping to give Riley and Ashley their quilts before they leave too. Can't believe I have 3 weekends with these babies before they move.
I ordered your jafra on 5/24 and as of 6/6 it is not here! My orders come Fedex - 3 days so I sent a letter and then will call on Monday during the day and see what's up! I have received the invoice for payment but no product and I have NEVER had a problem with them!