Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am patiently waiting to hear who my partner is for this doll quilt swap round.  I participated in dqs7 & dqs8 and had a blast!  It was great fun to stalk and plan and reveal sneak peeks and send off my quilt and await the verdict.  Then, to await - with some trepidation - the arrival of the quilt someone made for me!  So far, my partner has gotten me spot on!  But,'ll all start again very soon.  

I have been busy over on my Flickr account making galleries to put my faves into.  What fun that is!  For sure, I could mark many quilty things as faves, but putting those into galleries is a great way to show why I like what I like.  Whether it be for the design, the color combination, the quilting technique...whatever.  All nice and tidy and with lots of room to explain why a specific fave is a fave.  I don't have that many...there are some who have hundreds of faves!  I guess I've been a bit too selective because of the various reasons I like what I like.  Now...more freedom.  YAY!  

It sometimes takes a bit of time for me to come up with the perfect plan...the perfect doll quilt design for my partner.  I'll not be able to reveal who that partner is, but I will definitely show you all sneak peeks as I work on the quilt. 

Have a great Sunday!

edited to add:  got my partner...YAY!  I have a ton of to begin the plan.  {grin}


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I am going to make a fleece blanket today and will take pics of that and will send pics of that along with pictures of the pillows. Joyce

Anonymous said...

And I do like the new picture of Tag with his blankie!!! Joyce

kks said...

Tag loves his blankie!