Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day...

I am taking full advantage of the snow day
and getting caught up on my sewing.
All the sewing I did for Christmas
gifts really threw me off my schedule.

For my Bee Addicted 3 Swap,
November was Katrina's month...
she asked for 15 1/2" wonky quarter log cabin blocks
& sent 2 colors for us to use.
These are so much fun to do.

We skipped December, thank goodness.

January is Jenny's month.
She asked for modern blocks...
I got 5 out of the fabric she sent.
Love this fabric! 
Pretty happy with the blocks, too.

Must go...more to sew!


katie said...

I like that red and yellow one - tasty

moosecraft said...

Ya know... I'm generally a prim drab person with my color choices (brown, brown and more brown)... but that January set of blacks is looking MIGHTY FINE! :-)

moosecraft said...

Whoops! I meant BLOCKS, not blacks... duh! ;-)