Monday, September 7, 2009

Couple of Things...

Most importantly...Allegra is not feeling well. She has a fever and has been having a few problems. The last few days, she has been exhibiting some bizarre (yes, even for her) behavior. She's not barking, either. For those of you who know her, you'll understand how much she doesn't feel good by that statement alone. I took her in late this afternoon and we're sending blood and urine off to the lab. I'll keep you very worried about my little girl.

Other news...I got the quilting frame all set up on my spare table in the sunroom today. Here's when I had the frame and track all set to go. The leaders are on the poles (just muslin...the top and backing are pinned on to them).

In this photo, the Big Bad Boy is all set up and rarin' to go! See how it works? Rollers ride the tracks and rollers of the piece the machine is on rolls forward and backward. With a ~9" throat, I'll be whipping these quilts out faster than you can say "Big Bad Boy Janome"!!!
See the paper pattern? There's a laser to follow the lines of the pattern. It'll take some doing to get that under control. haha. One doesn't need to have a pattern...just if you want.

The quilt that's on the frame is not came with the set up, so I'm using it to practice.

See this cute Scottish Highlander baby??? Larry (of Larry & Lois that I bought this set up from), sent me this photo...his son and DIL (or is it his daughter and SIL?) have a farm where cattle, sheep, chickens, etc., etc., are raised. See their Christian ministry here.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Have fun with your piece of equipment!! Looks like a lot of pieces parts but you got it put together!!! Good Girl!!!

Joanne said...

Will be thinkig of thinking and praying for Allegra to feel better. It's so hard when our pets don't feel well as they can't tell us what's up. Hope she's back to barking and her type craziness soon!

WoolenSails said...

I sure hope Allegra is ok, hard when our babies our sick and they can't tell us what is wrong.

Love that set up and very nice that you can do patterns too if you want.


JoJo said...

I'm chuckling to see your "big, bad boy" all set up and ready to rumble. What a wonderful setup for you to quilt with!

Jacque, I'm praying for Allegra. Since I've never met you or her, I don't know about her bizarre behavior but for you to mention it in this way, it must really be bad. We love our babies so much and it's hard to hear that Allegra is so sick.

Anonymous said...

Hope Allegra gets better.
Now I see what the excitement was all about when you got all this stuff in the mail!! Very nice set up. Joyce

TamboinMO said...

My kids are slinging some healing drool love to Allegra.

moosecraft said...

I hope that Allegra is feeling better... praying it's something simple that can be healed quickly. (((hugs)))