Friday, September 18, 2009

The Chocolate Pup...and Tag E Butt

I've been thinking about selling some of my handmade items online. For awhile. For one reason or another, I chose to not go with eBay or Etsy. What I did instead...I created a blog to use as my selling forum. At the top of my sidebar on this blog, there is a photo of a brown dog with a sewing needle and thread...this is my logo for my little shop. Isn't it cute??? This is actually a logo I used about 10 years ago in another life. Designed for me by Lori Bush...who, I think, was a bit surprised when I told her that the brown dog had to be a boy. Anyway. Just click on the logo of "The Chocolate Pup" and you'll get there. And, by the way...because I have a very small reading audience, any help in getting the word out will be much appreciated. I'll be adding a few things over the weekend and who knows what might end up there?
Must tell you...
Tonight when I fed the dogs, I grabbed Tag's water bucket out of his crate and filled it with fresh water. I hung the bucket inside his crate and, apparently, neglected to shut his crate door. I was sitting here at my computer and in walked Tag...carrying his empty stainless steel food bowl. Through the dining room, down the hallway, wagging his tail the entire time. As if to say, "hey Mama, I cleaned my I get dessert now?" He cracks me up. Can't help it.


WoolenSails said...

Your new blog looks great. I should do one of those some time. Love the logo and Tag's antics.


Joanne said...

That Tag is too funny - Oh they do make us laugh don't they!

Love the idea of your selling blog - looks good too! Good luck!

TamboinMO said...

Love your new selling blog....wish I knew someone who was having a baby...that quilt is too cute!

kelley said...

soooo...did Tag get dessert that night? what a clever guy!