Thursday, December 25, 2008

Toys & Dogs...

Merry Christmas, everyone! I am spending the day alone...I'm okay with it, so don't worry. Besides, I still have gifts to finish. I'll see my oldest son when he brings Conlan for an overnight January 3...and Kaylynn will be here then, too.

Here's the story of the day (yoohoo, Joanne...are you reading this???).

Last Christmas I was involved in a Secret Santa Swap on a rughooking board I belong to. Joanne sent me many wonderful gifts...see them
here. Included were two toys for the dogs. But, because they were so dang cute...and because the dogs got other toys for Christmas, I put them in my closet. I would see them and think about giving them to the dogs every once in awhile, but then all of a sudden it was November and I decided that I would just wait until Christmas to give them. Well, here are the photos...

see how cute the toys are?

I got the moose...YAY!

I'm sly like the fox, so I'll take that one...

oops...what happened here?
(truthfully, Tag did not pull it off...
it wasn't attached very well)

that's okay...a ball with legs is just as much fun!

how come you don't like toys, huh, Tango?

I could carry this fox around allllll day!

please throw this...mama...come on...
pick up the ball...
grab one of the legs...
just THROW it!!

hmmmm, with no head...what does it need feet for?

I'll just chew them off...

I laughed so hard...and then I put the toys away while I talked on the phone with all my relatives. Hard to laugh at the dogs and carry on a conversation at the same time.

I'll show my gifts later.


Joanne said...

Oh my goodness Jacque - TOO FUNNY - You got some classic shots - love the head came off - i just laughed myself silly at your pics and words! So glad they liked them! What fun to pull something out (and in the same little bag i sent them in - another giggle!) and give them today! Give those big lugs a hug! And give yourself one and enjoy your day!

WoolenSails said...

Too fun. I think I have more fun with my animals and presents, sometimes, lol. I never got a chance to get Casey a present and he just sat there, looking so sad at ours and wondering why he wasn't getting one. I ended up taking some biscuits and wrapping them up, so he had something to open;)


kelley said...

What a good time the kids had with their saved them for just the right day!Big hugs and Merry Christmas from me and the two fur balls~

are you tired of the quilt from bren yet???

Anonymous said...

How funny!!!! Just proves life is a toy with the right attitude!
Thanks again for my great gifts Jacque!
Love you,

Miz T. said...

You just gave me a hearty laugh with your pictures of your dogs and their presents. My dog is getting too old to want toys, but still buries his bones (in my slipper, under our rugs, in my wool basket!). You took some great pictures of your beautiful animals! Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas!

JoJo said...

Oh, Jacque, thank you for one of the few smiles I've had this season. These pictures of your dogs are absolutely priceless!! What simple joy!!

The eggshells we're walking on here are still holding up and Christmas was actually very nice.....everyone behaved, was nice and we had our very own Christmas miracle in that everyone was in a good mood. I can't say how much of a relief that was.

Thank you for holding me/us up in prayer and belated Christmas wishes to you.


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