Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts Given...

Gotta tell ya, there is nothing more satisfying than using what you have (or what a good friend sends you) to make Christmas and other gifts. As you know, Brenis sent me a box of cotton fabric...see it here. She gave me some great ideas to sew and give as gifts!!! A plastic bag holder...know what that is? Here's what one looks like...see, ya put those plastic bags from the stores in the top...and pull one out at the bottom. Very simple to make...cut fabric, sew side seam, turn under top and bottom edges, make casing for elastic, insert elastic, sew strap to hang over door and attach to bag...all done!

I haven't sewed much (other than serging the edges of patterns and some mending here and there) in the last 8 years. BUT, I used to sew a ton! Some day, I might show you some of the fun things I've sewed over the years. This year, I sewed every single gift I gave...what a good feeling that was. And, better yet, I am finally able to show some of them to you!

Here's what I made for my sister Joyce...a plastic bag holder (it's folded in half), which is on top of the red with b/w chair fabric tote bag! I lined the tote with a black cotton I had. Joyce was ecstatic...she had just told herself that she needed to have a bag to use when she collects her books from the library. So, now she has one!

I made this market bag for Janer. The toile fabric totally fits her personality! I lined it with the light sage green fabric I had used for my bathroom curtain. I am happy to say that she LOVES it! See the frog closure thingie? I've had that in my sewing drawer for I can't even tell you how long...probably years and years! Though it's white against the natural color of the background, I still thought it would be fun to use...

Here are two more totes I made...the top one is for Jill & has a plain muslin lining...the other tote is for Julie. All of the tote bags have they can be opened flat on the bottom. Behind them lay 6 of the 12 plastic bag holders I made.

I still have many more things to show...the best is yet to come! You'll have to wait, though, as some are not done and some have not yet been given.
All in good time.


kelley said...

I love to make handmade get to think good thoughts about the person you are making them for as you sew...lots more fun than shopping...can't wait to see the rest

Lindy said...

You did good!

WoolenSails said...

You really went to town with your sewing. They are all beautiful, and I think people are more appreciative of handmade gifts than they used to be. You can't top something made from the heart.


Joanne said...

Wow Jacque - you've been busy sewing - i bet there is smoke coming from your machine - what great gifts!

Brenis said...

Oooh Jacque these turned out so great!! You have been one busy stitchin girl!! Sounds like everyone really liked them too - Yay!! :D
You done good!!! xoxo bren

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Jacque ~ you've been a very productive Christmas elf!! Love the toile bag! I, too, have so much fabric from when I was a doll maker ~ I need to follow your lead!!! Thanks for the nice pictures!!


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