Saturday, July 14, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

I've been working hard at organizing and setting up my rug hooking business in the basement of my house...which has made me do a bit of thinking. WOW! I have WAY too much stuff! Now that I am living in a house (which is huge) and have a yard and all the upkeep that goes with all of that, I just don't have enough time to keep my eBay Store stocked at the level I desire. So, I am going to close my eBay Store before the end of August. Besides the house, yard, 3 dogs and my job, I have several large hooking related projects that demand my attention. At least one of them is a long-term project (more on that as it happens). I will have some of my most popular colors available on my website and will list at auction special colors, bundles, etc. from time to time. So, that said, do be sure to check out what I have left in my store. I thank you for your patronage. Please continue to check on my website's "what's new" page from time to time to see what I am coming up with!

Here are the woolens that I have listed on eBay right now:


kelley said...

I sure know the feeling of too much getting ready for a big tag sale and also giving stuff away...feels so much better to get some "breathing" room...
love your new wonderful for you and the dogs...I owe you an email soon...thanks for the good thoughts for Chester...he's almost back to 100% and bossing me around like crazy...can't wait to hear more about your big hooking project!

TamboinMO said...

Do you think it's also the weather? Wanting everything to be lighter? I see that you're liquidating, Kelley is on a non-buying spree and I've also been trying to list random stuff on my husband's ebay site. Summer reminds us to "lighten up".
Can't wait to hear more about your BIG projects!


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