Sunday, November 24, 2013

Working It...(the list)

Spoiler Alert!  If you are a relative of mine and you rarely read my blog (you know who you are)...this is not the time to begin reading on a regular basis!   

So yeah...I am working away on the gifts.  

I told you yesterday that I had come up with a new list...well, I am enjoying myself far more, so I think I decided upon some winners!  

I love cloth napkins.  For two reasons.

1.)  Christmas with my Gram was always special.  A wonderful day for many, gifts, relatives, food...and because Gram brought out her good china, along with the linen tablecloths and napkins to dress the tables.  She made everything look so special.  I now have - and use - those tablecloths and napkins. 

2.)  When my sons were very young (well over 30 years ago), I decided that they needed to know there was more to the world than boys and men and rough and tough.  So, every Saturday, we had candlelight dinner...what we ate - spaghetti or steaks on the grill - wasn't the issue.  The issue was to learn how to sit at the table with grace and manners.  I made some cloth napkins to go with my fall-themed Corelle dinnerware.  It was time for the boys to learn to use something other than their shirt sleeves.  Okay, they never actually did that.  I just wanted them to know there was more than...well, whatever they thought there was.
Since that time, I've always had cloth napkins.  Didn't know I was being 'green' back then.  Just knew that it made sense to me to use something reusable.  

So.  Yesterday an apron.  Today cloth napkins.  Are you sensing a theme here?  ~grin~

And,  keeping with my vow to not purchase fabric, I am using fabric I have if there is only one napkin...that's because it's for one person and I had enough for one napkin.  Two napkins...2 people.  Well, there may occasionally be a set of 4 napkins.  We shall see what I come up with...and see what I put with these to complete the gifts.

And, honestly?  It takes me longer to decide on which fabric to use than it does to make these napkins!
one is the loneliest number...

two can be as bad as one...
And, then...a few of these.  Sister Joyce has once again requested some Kleenex tissue cozies.  I'll probably make her a dozen.  That will put the total number I have made of these over 100...using this tutorial...

I never seem to have my camera when Tag is doing something - anything - other than laying around.  So, I took my camera out when pottying him, and got a shot of him.  Course, this is the one time he wasn't looking at me. least I've proven to you that he can walk. ~grin~

 Many more gifts to sew...but probably not tonight. 

**captions under cloth napkin photos are lyrics from "One" by Three Dog Night.

 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.". Jeremiah 29:11


Dog Trot Farm said...

Candlelight... cloth napkins... and young boys...I certainly can appreciate this...what a wonderful idea, I bet this is something your boys remember with fondness...Good old Tag love seeing him up and about...You've got a good jump on Christmas gifts...good for you!!!

Farm Girl said...

You have been so busy, It all looks good and you know I am glad you took a picture of Tag walking around, I hadn't thought of that before.
Well enjoy your little break for a bit. :)