Monday, June 13, 2011

Congrats Dallas Mavs!!!

I've never been a basketball fan...heck, I've never been a sports fan...of any kind!  Back in high school, though, I did attend every football and basketball game.  However, I absorbed absolutely nothing, as I saw less than 1.5 minutes of each game.  Too busy chasing boys.  And, getting caught.  By the boys...well, one in particular.  

But, when me Mum was here for her visit, we had to watch the NBA Final game on Thursday night.  I moaned and groaned about it (quietly), but decided to be gracious and let her watch it.  She was, after all, the company.  

Being the quick study that I am, it didn't take long for me to become a huge basketball fan!  In fact, I must admit that I made some rather intelligent comments throughout the game!  Had my sis in hysterics, for sure!  And, me Mum thought I was pretty funny.  

I cheered for the Dallas Mavs.  All night.

Why the Dallas Mavericks?  

Well, there are several reasons.  Let me tell you...

1.  When I was forced to watch football games (back in my married days), I was a Roger Staubach/Dallas Cowboys fan.  So, Dallas Cowboys...Dallas Mavs...just made sense to me!  Ya know?

2.  Jason Kidd.  My dogs' vet for many years was Linda Kidd.  No relation.

3.  Dirk Nowitzki.  His name reminded me of a doctor I once had.  Novotny.  I know, not even close.  What can I say?

4.  Ass't Coach Robert Hackett attended UW at Madison.  I live in Madison.  Well, I did for almost 16 years and now I live in Stoughton, which is only 20 minutes away.

5.  Tyson Chandler.  I have a cousin named Vern Chandler.  Again, no relation.

6.  I do like men in uniform.

So.  YAY for the Mavs! 

Can't wait to see how they do next season!  I must go purchase my season tickets right now!

disclaimer:  this post written totally tongue-in-cheek.


Kim said...

Your reasons crack me up. Several years ago I won this football pool at work. When asked how I made my selections I told the truth - in each category I picked the team with the prettiest uniform!

Courtney said...

You are so funny and I can totally relate. I spent almost eight years with a sports fiend. Then, that fiasco ended and I met my husband who is as ambivalent to the whole sports world as I am! God bless him! It is fun sometimes though when you are with fans. My dear Grandmother; five foot tall "Flo" loved football! (I don't know why...) and I used to watch it just to be with her!

Farm Girl said...

You are so funny. Well I enjoyed it and I thought you became a fan really fast. Well, when I was a girl, I loved sports and during halftime I would play football with my brothers, and I played baseball in the summer. I don't follow anything now, so I was amazed you caught on so fast. :)

Anonymous said...

LOLOL!That was hilarious!!!
Did you watch the game Sunday night then?

moosecraft said...

Makes total and complete sense to me! ;-)

Woolly Lott Rugs said...

Great post....I am a very serious diehard NBA addict! I watch every game I can find to Greg's dismay.....he hates sports. I wanted the mavs to win and love jason kidd.....he now has his ring and I'm a happy into nba withdrawal until november....ugh