Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oddly Enough...

I'm not getting much done in the way of quilting.  I was intent on sandwiching a quilt so that I could get some quilting done today.  I laid the backing down and taped it all around.  I laid out the batting and smoothed it.  I laid the quilt top...what the heck?  It was larger than my batting & backing!  oops!  Well, okay, I'll sandwich another quilt.  Nope.  They're all about the same size, and even though the individual backings are large enough for each of the remaining quilt tops, I still don't have quite enough batting.


Instead, I'm doing a few loads of laundry, reading a bit here and there...I finished cleaning out the kitchen drawers, cleaned out my box of rug hooking patterns (do I really need 9 different sizes of the same pattern...especially when I'm not drawing out patterns any longer?) and sorted through some foundation fabric.  

I'm kind of restless right now.  I think it has to do with not smoking.  I'm still not smoking, by the way.  I get a little bit "what do I do now?" once in awhile.  Other than that, it's all good.  

I have some sewing projects for friends that I need to work on someday soon.  And, doll clothes for Kaylynn's American Girl doll.  

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Inauguration  of John F. Kennedy.  Here's the second half of the most famous inaugural address in history...


Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. - Ecclesiastes 9:10


Lindy said...

Jacque you can sew batting together...kind of zigzag thing....put about two inches overlap......i do it all the time when i'm short.......way to go with the not smoking!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the day of this speech because we got to watch it on tv in school and I was 10 years old!!!!

Dog Trot Farm said...

I too recall the day John F. Kennedy was sworn in as our president. As a little girl it gave me goosebumps and to this day it still does. What no project, shame on you!!!!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on quitting smoking!! I am also quitting, started taking Chantix 2 weeks ago. I have slowly cut down and am down to 3 a day. I will run out this weekend, and I have Trent, so if I go all weekend then there is no reason I need one on the way to work Monday! Good luck and keep it up:)

moosecraft said...

Keeping the mind busy is the key to quitting... that's what helped me anyways... I have had many of those "what do I do now" moments... it gets easier each day... promise! :-)


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