Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Good Weekend...

Yup, I had a good one.
It's always a good feeling to
cross a few things off my list.
And, to top it off, I received a special surprise! 

Remember the pillowcase I showed yesterday?
I did finish the 2nd one, so 
Julie will have a pair to match her quilt.

More done...
Here's the stacked coins quilt I first blogged about here...
now completely finished and laundered...all soft and crinkly.
And, I finished all my blocks for the whirlygig quiltalong 
(see my sidebar for the link).

I received a very early - and special - birthday present yesterday
from Lindy (see her blog here).
We met on Wool Snippets several years ago.
Lindy's birthday is the day before mine, which 
makes us almost birthday twins!

I LOVE all of the quilty goodness she sent.
Thank you so much, Lindy!

That's all I have.


Joanne said...

That's all you have - Too funny - I think you accomplished a lot! Wow! Beautiful quilting!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how different the quilts look when they are all the "crinkles"...nice gift too!

WoolenSails said...

You did a lot more than I did. I did two blocks and worked a bit on my crazy piece. Someday I might finish something;)


why not sew? said...

Jacque, I LOVE THE COINS QUILT! The quilting is so awesome. Did you mark your lines or just "wing" it? I can't wait to see your whirlygigs top. I finished my top this weekend but I'm not sure about borders or making more whirlygigs to make it bigger!?
Early birthday presents are so nice!

Anonymous said...

The coin quilt is awesome now that it is all crinkly!!!!! You do such wonderful work!!
Have a good day! Joyce