Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Day

My sister, Julie, got here late yesterday afternoon. This is her cute little rental car...a Dodge Caliber. Isn't it a lovely color? Actually, she does not like blue, so I thought it was very funny that they gave her a blue rental. Cute little car, though.

Didn't do much last night...I showed her all the projects I have going on...and coming up. Watched tv, visited, and played with the pups. Went to bed at a decent hour. Here's Julie at 8:00 this a.m....while I had been up for well over 2 hours. Okay, actually, she had been awake, but decided to get a bit more sleep. She did not know that I took this photo. {grin}

Went to my LQS today. Got all the fabric for Julie's quilt...and it'll be much larger than a lap biggest venture to date! Got some really nice compliments from the owner and one of the workers at the shop...about how far I've come with my quilting...{sigh}...there are times when it's difficult to be humble.

Well, is the fabric for Julie's quilt. The large green piece is the backing and a border. The paisley and gold and green are for blocks. It's going to be an awesome quilt!

We'll visit with Claire & Curt later and will have another easy evening. It's so great to have her here. I have missed her.


WoolenSails said...

Sounds like you have having a great time with your sister and those fabrics are going to make a beautiful quilt. And, you have nothing to be embarrassed about with your quilting, I am amazed at how fast and how beautiful your quilts are in such a short time.


Ina in Alaska said...

That little blue car is so cute! Not an interesting license plate tho!! (smile)

Love the fabric for the quilt, especially the paisley. Very pretty!

And the stealth photo of your sleeping sister is priceless!! Beware of payback!! Have a great visit.

Jackie said...

Ha! That car is exactly like mine. On the contrary, I love the color Blue. I bought it last year when I was out searching for some good used cars (Indianapolis, IN area) with my boyfriend. Anyway, the fabrics are beautiful. They're perfect for the quilt!