Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tag Answers

For those of you wondering,
here are the answers to the questions about Tag's name.

Rachel on 'Friends' had a boyfriend named Tag.
LOVED that name!!!
My Tag was born in 2002, so this was sometime before that.

Tag E. Butt.
Ya know, as Tag was growing up (and probably well after),
I was always commenting on his cute butt.
It was so well-muscled
and just so cute!
Our neighbor (at the time), called Tag "Taggie" or "Taggy".
So, we just - or maybe it was just me - started calling him Tag E. Butt.

The mystery is solved.

The fabric giveaway was botched...will try to give it away later.


rachel griffith said...

tag, the boyfriend from friends, was all i could think up.

moosecraft said...

Thanks Jacque! Cute story! And ya' know... he really does have a cute butt!!! :-)

primitivebettys said...

So cute! Lots of thought went into that critter's name! :)