Thursday, June 25, 2009

Johnny Depp

Some of you may remember in March 2008, I posted a little snippet of entertainment news...Johnny Depp was in the area filming a movie. That movie, "Public Enemies" is coming out July 1st! Here's a photo of Johnny Depp on location in Columbus, about 45 minutes from my house.

He was on David Letterman tonight...ohman, he is just way too cute! Kinda shy, too, don't you think? He is...just cute...that's all I can say.

Go here, scroll down the left side, and you'll find a bunch of links to what went on here in Wisconsin with Johnny Depp & the filming of the movie.


kelley said...

ooh la la this man is soooooo fine...

why not sew? said...

We were visiting Chicago when he was in WI filming. I was trying to come up with a creative way to get my husband to go there! LOL! Cute is all you can say! I agree! Jacque if we double rock, then he rocks in stereo! Don't you think?! LOL!

Joanne said...

Hey Jacque - went to the movies today and they had a bigger than lifesize cut out of Johnny advertising this movie there! He's got it going on for sure!


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