Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hookin' & Stitchin'....

As some of you know, 90% of the Christmas gifts I am giving this year will be handmade. Been working on the pillows (see below) and I also plan to do some stitchery pieces. I know...why do it ahead of time when one can wait til the last moment???? Anyway.

Here is my FIRST stitchery piece. Yesterday I learned there will be an ornament exchange at the clinic party this coming Friday...YIKES! But, since we're all vets or techs, I felt a cat would be a safe thing to stitch. Besides, this cute pattern is from Kelley Belfast and she does primitive cats so much better than I do primitive dogs! I did the 2007 thinking I should have graphed it out...hahaha.

Anyway, I am quite proud of this...took a few hours...the stitchin itself measures 1 7/8 x 2 1/8 inches...32 count primitive linen (over 2 threads)...reallllly small. No wonder I had to use my magnifier on my lamp! I'll find some prim fabric for the backing and then will age it all with a special recipe I have for that purpose (cinnamon, coffee, vanilla).
AND, here is the 4th and final pillow...all hooked! Still need to make the 4 of them into pillows, but heck, I have a few weeks yet to do that. {grin} This is showing much darker than it is, but otherwise the snowman is way too bright...would blind you, methinks! This snowman comes from Kelley Belfast's Merrie Wynter booklet of patterns. Cute guy, hey?

Now to sit and do nothing...yeah, right.


kks said...

beautiful work Jacque......

Anonymous said...

What a cute snowman!!


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