Sunday, December 2, 2007

3 Down, 1 to go...

Here is Conlan's 'brown dog' pillow...all hooked, anyway. Started yesterday afternoon and finished this afternoon...24 hours...YAY! I had a ton of brown woolens, so cut them up and used them randomly...I think it turned out okay. I know Conlan will LOVE it! It measures about 12x17 inches...roughly the same size as Kaylynn's 'sheep dreams' pillow I posted a photo of yesterday.

Not sure what design to do for the 4th pillow...perhaps a snowman????


Anonymous said...

I REALLY like these pillows - love the swirls especially! I have one of my blankets done and 3 to go! Joyce

Anonymous said...

VERY nice Auntie!!!! I love what you are doing for them. :) Keep up the good work!!


TamboinMO said...

This is great!!! He is sooooo going to love that dog pillow!!!


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