Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Day Off...

I have the day off and my laundry is almost done! YAY! So, now I am going to sit and hook! I have a great Bible Study series by Pastor Jerry that I am anxious to continue listening to (on cd's).

Here's a peek at what I will be working on...

I listed a few patterns in my eBay store and have more to list, so watch for those over the next week. I am taking a page from Kelley's book (
With Hook and Needle) and getting rid of those things that I won't be able to get done within the next year. Course, there are a few patterns (like my '3collies & 1Lab' by Elizabeth Black) that I will never let out of my matter how long it takes me to get at them (let alone finish)! I have so much more than rug hooking patterns, too. See those listings here...Brown Dog Prims eBay Store

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those patterns you make are so pretty. Mom was impressed with how much work it is for you too. Did you get a copy of the email she sent to us about her stay with you? Joyce

Brenis said...

Ooohhh the contrast on that border is awesome Jacq!!! i can't wait to see the whole thing!! :)


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