Friday, May 13, 2011

Coins & Bees...

I was able to finish a few things this week.

I made a coin purse for Joyce
that matches the purple tote
I made for her (shown here).

In the Aqua & Red Block Bee,
we have two blocks to make each month
for the next 6 months.

 We were given complete freedom with Carrie's block.
This isn't what I originally intended, but this
is what my block for her ended up being. 

Erin (Why Not Sew?), wanted a wonky star block.
Following this tutorial
I quickly put this block together.
Wonky stars are fun and easy peasy...
I love it!

I have another tote to make
and then I'll be caught up.

What have you been working on?


Farm Girl said...

Not much!!! I am hoping that now school is out things might slow down a bit.
I read today that May is almost busier than December. I think mine has been that way.
Every thing looks really good. I really like that coin purse. I like the purple.

Courtney said...

I like the turquoise and red...very nice. You've been majorly busy! I had to laugh with the "wonky" star. I was using the word wonky to talk about certain triangle shapes in math. Apparently I was using it a lot. Finally my girls confessed they were keeping a weekly tally on how many times I said it! Nice to know I'm getting through on some level, eh?

moosecraft said...

The red & aqua are a real eye catcher! Coin purse looks great! Was a good day at Renninger's yesterday... going back today for the radio show & flea market... so, no stitching getting done here today either...

Anonymous said...

No you won't be caught up cuz I have more orders for you!!! LOL
Jon liked my new tote and Alyssa's and Ashley's coin purse. Told him you were working on a bag for Riley's cars and a tote for Ashley and he thought that was neat!


Anonymous said...

You are very generous with your remarkable designs! I hope all of your sisters get a coin purse!!
Love and hugs -
Little sister Jill