Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabric Stash

How do you organize your fabric stash?

In my blog-hopping, 
I have often read about
organizing fabric stashes.
Many quilters organize by color,
 some by quantity
(fat quarters, half-yards, yardage),
and others by project.

I rarely purchase fabric
just because I like it.
My fabric purchases are usually
for a specific project.
So, I guess I am most comfortable
organizing it by keeping the 
fabric collection together.

But, what to do with the odd pieces
that I receive from others
(gifts, giveaways, etc.)?
(not odd, as in 'odd', but as in 'doesn't belong with any
specific project or fabric collection presently in my possession')

And, once I'm done with a project,
what should I do with the scraps?
Sometimes there are a lot of scraps...
sometimes there are larger pieces left.

These fabrics could easily be worked
into another quilt, or used for smaller projects. do I organize them?

That's what I need to be working on.
Organizing my fabrics.
I got a bit of a start on it today.

Right now, I have the fabrics that aren't for anything specific in containers labeled 'neutrals', 'flannels', 'Kona solids', 'Christmas', etc..

Interesting how the beginning
of a project can create
an even bigger mess.

(those big totes are full of wool.)

(Now I ask you...what kind of organization is this?)


And, by the way, the wire storage thingie
over there in the corner is NOT large
enough to hold all of my containers.
Perhaps I need to empty the top of it
and stack containers to the ceiling, hey?

Speaking of fabrics & organization...

Nicole over at Sister's Choice Quilts
wrote about how she stores her fabric.
Read about it here.

And, Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts
wrote about 'scrap management' here.

I'd love to hear how
you organize your fabrics.

 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. - Ecclesiastes 9:10


moosecraft said...

Well... I really don't have a whole lot of fabric stash as I'm new to quilting... So I just keep it all in one pile. The stuff that is for projects is in a container with the pattern... and the leftover and gifted fabrics are kinda organized by color... though, if it is a collection I keep all that grouped together because I know they go (design wise) together... see? I am no help... I just love it all!!!! lol!

Brenis said...

LOL!! You make me laugh! "now what kind of organization is this?!" hee hee!
Well you know i am a color organizer. Much easier to keep everything together and easier to see that way! I know what's part of what line, and can pull those just as easily if i want to put them together. But having all the reds together, and all the yellows, and greens etc - easy to see in one look what color/value you are looking for. :) All my scraps that are less than 1/8 yard go in a scrap basket that sits on the floor next to my sewing machine. :) And then every so often i go through and pull all the long strips out and try to use them in things.
lol your stash would fit just fine in those cubbies, if they weren't in boxes! :D

Nanci said...

you need to forward some to me! I think we buy fabrics that we won't use as a matter of fact, just to buy it. I'm not a hoarder of fabrics; therefore don't have too much on hand.
I sort by colour and sizes. If finishing with a scrap then I look/see if it can be made into say a jelly, 2 1/2" it goes in a plastic bin. The others are sorted into smaller sizes of 4" etc.
But in reality, I only have a couple of shelves of fabric...I like it like that...frugal that's me.

Kim said...

I wish I had something productive to add here. I have NO system of organization. In fact I have bags of wool pieces and strips in every room of my house. Maybe not the kitchen but I'm not 100% sure. There could be some in a drawer. lol
Hey, are you watching DWTS?