Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Checking My List...

and getting things crossed off!
Here are a few that I can show you.

This is is Devin's quilt.
It measures about 51x61 inches...
all washed & dried, now.

wow...look at the difference in the blue dye lots.
I hope Devin doesn't care.

Made a few of these fabric baskets...
some with handles and some without.

This one is made with fabric from the
authentic collection (thanks, Bren!).

Soooo cute and super easy!

Saw them on Erin's blog, Why Not Sew?

The tutorial is here.
I quilted mine.

I think that's all I've got for now.
Are you still working on your list?


moosecraft said...

Yah... I'm still working on my list... the one that keeps on growing and GROWING!!!! LOL! That fabric basket is super cute! :-) Might try to make one next year... Devon's going to love his quilt! Happy days to you!

kks said...

very nice! looks like you have made some real progress.....
hope you're feeling better....i'm off this weekend, and am making nice progress on my application....
dentist this morning...

why not sew? said...

Hey Jacque-
Devon's quilt looks great! I think even with the dye lots being different it 's awesome, looks like it was meant to be that way. Your basket turned out cute. I love that you quilted it. I'm still working on my list. I still didn't get that dye grabber for my quilt that bled, am I lame or what? I'll be getting it today. I hope it works.

WoolenSails said...

I had no energy yesterday, so I sat in my chair and cut out paper snowflakes and watched christmas movies.

I have tote patterns, another thing I want to make this year.


dexmangoldens said...

Great job on Devin's quilt. I think the dye lot difference is cool! Nice basket. And, I have had my list done for a couple of months now!

Anonymous said...

I love that basket!!! What size is it? Devin is a boy, he won't care about the dye lots and the quilt is awesome!! He will love it!
Glad you are getting your projects done. You are such a busy bee!!!
I have some more knitting to do but I also have 9 more days. Love, Joyce