Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here are the woolens I dyed to match the fabric I mentioned earlier...and showed you in a post a bit ago. I had a difficult time matching the olive drab fabric (shown as a narrow stripe in this photo). I even tried the dye which is named olive drab...nope. But, I think if I double the formula of this one, I'll be happy.
Working on my 'fruit of the spirit' rug requires a certain amount of concentration...which I am a little short of, lately. Therefore, I feel the need to work on something that requires almost no thought. How's this??? I will hook 2 or 3 circles and/or squares (~12") to put here and there & use as wallhangings, table mats, or chairpads.
Hook on...


Brenis said...

wow great color matches!!! I love that fabric - and your mats will look GREAT!!
xo bren

Trudy said...

I just love the colors; but you are right, I would try and get the green a little darker. You are so talented:)
Wooly hugs,

Anonymous said...

Almost Angels is a 1962 Disney film about a group of boys in the Vienna Boys' Choir.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for not signing my name to the earlier post about the Walt Disney movie. Big Sister Joyce


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