Sunday, March 9, 2008

Princess Allegra...

I've been spending a lot of time talking about Tag E. Butt, and not much on my other dogs....especially Miss Princess Honey-Do Allegra. Now, as most of you know, Allegra is the name of an allergy medication. But, did you know that it was also the word used in music for 'brisk, lively tempo'? In Italian, the 'o' ending is male and the 'a' ending is female. Her breeder is a violinist, so there you have it! Anyway, she was diagnosed at 3 months with patent ductus arteriosis, a heart defect...and ended up with me! YAY!

She has always had this 'it's all about me' attitude', so I call her Princess from time to time. Very fitting for her. Her mother won several 'best of (fill in the blank)' in the show ring throughout her lifetime...and Allegra looks much as Ani did.

She does have a few things that support her 'princess' attitude. Most were given to her by my friend, Kim. Here they are...

Her Princess bowl with crowns around it that she eats out of everyday...
the jewels are not as shiny as they once were.

Her Princess pillow.

Her Princess tag that hangs on her crate door.

Her Princess picture frames...

And, of course, because Allegra is a medicine, drug reps used to give out advertising items (pens, clipboards, hand lotion containers, penlights) with that name...I also got this apothecary jar. See the heart cookie in it? That's been sealed in there for almost 10 years...very know, heart defect??

Just in case you've forgotten how beautiful she really is the Princess, herself.

This is one of my favorite photos...look at the coat on that girl!

She will be 10 years old next month, so I suppose I'll have to write something about her again!

Have a great day!


kks said...

i'll always remember allegra in ccu after her pda sx.....she is definitely a princess!!!!! but deserves all of it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a great picture of her!!! Joyce

TamboinMO said...

Allegra is so beautiful!!!
I had a collie when I was a young girl and she was a most wonderful heart still has a huge soft spot for them and if a stray were to "walk" into my life I would take it in.


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