Saturday, February 19, 2011


Maureen and I bartered.
She'll clean.
I'll make 2 quilts.
For her granddaughters.

I think I have the better end of this barter.

Maureen was here this morning.
She cleaned. 

I sewed on my quilt for the 
Charmed Whirlygig Quiltalong
that I am doing with Cathy.
You know, my friend from Quilting on Turtle Hill.

For the whirlygigs,
I am using 2 charm packs of Frolic 
by Sandy Gervais for Moda.
Love these fabrics!
For the background of my whirlygigs,
I am using Kona solid cotton in Eggshell.
Love me some Kona!

I messed up cutting the whirlygigs.
Can you believe it???
I couldn't!
I've messed up before.

But, I have already made 2 whirlygig quilts
(see them here and here)
so I was surprised that I messed up!
It's not like I didn't refresh my memory
on how to make the whirlygigs.
I looked at the instructions
and carefully cut them.
The wrong way.

Instead of 8" blocks,
mine are 6.5 inches.
Not the end of the world, I know.
Not only are the blocks smaller,
but the whirlygigs don't have
as much of an angle to them.

I am okay with them.
The Kona Eggshell is perfect for these fabrics.
I love my Kona Cotton Color Card!

And, Tag!
What did he do?

Well, the first thing I saw was this...

 Then, I saw this...
(that's my ostrich feather featherduster)
Had to remind myself that he is, 
after all...

...wait for it...

a bird dog.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. - Ecclesiastes 9:10


Joanne said...

Hey Tag must have heard about your deal (and what a deal) and figured you didn't need the duster anymore! And aren't you the funny one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jacque, at the fair you can buy cheese on a stick, hot dog on a stick, just about anything on a stick, so he must have heard about it and figured this was a bird on a stick, pretending he was at the fair!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness,
My biggest laugh out loud of the day!! You are very funny. So, quilting/cleaning...quilting/cleaning...seems like a no-brainer, don't you think!
Thanks for the guffaw!

Farm Girl said...

I saw the feathers, and I thought Oh No Tag went outside and got a chicken and brought it in the house. So glad it was just the feather duster. Well I do feel better to know that you sometimes make mistakes on your quilts. Since I use my seam ripper more than my sewing machine. I am strangely comforted.

I like your barter too. Sounds like a great deal to me too.

kks said...

Tag was trying to tell you something...too funny!

Susan said...

Sometimes it is like that.. The quilts will still be as warm and that is the idea after all.

Looks like Tag had the right idea.. I don't like dusting either......

Pokey said...

Tag is good for another laugh out loud (it deserved to be spelled out)!
Hey mistakes made can be corrected. It's looking okay to me, you are good at makin' stuff look good, Jacque.

moosecraft said...

Hahahahahahhaha! That Tag is a good buddy! Cute! It's a good thing nobody wea's feather's in their hats anymore... *giggle* Could you imagine?!?!??!