Friday, December 31, 2010

The End...

of 2010 is upon us.

Here's a peek at some of what I've done this year.  Baby quilts, lap quilts, table toppers, doll quilts...these are my faves of 2010.

For a complete list of what I've finished this year, go to my '2010 Finishes' page (in the tab under the header photo) and follow the links.

What does one think about at a time like this?  As one enters a new year...a new decade?  I think that most of us think about past accomplishments & failures.  Reflections.  Determinations.  Resolutions. 

The resolutions I am making for 2011 are resolutions I need to make...whether tomorrow is the start of a new year or not.  Things need to be taken care of and attention needs to be paid to what I'm doing.  

I'm trying to concentrate on the progress I made in my personal life these past 12 months.  Not the failures...ohyes, there are failures.  I do believe that my biggest progression this year has been in my walk with Jesus.  I feel closer to Him and that is such an enormous comfort!

My sewing/quilting has been a source of (mostly) pleasure for me.  I still consider myself a beginner...but am willing to admit that, perhaps, I am an advanced beginner?  I need to increase my level of difficulty...that's one goal of mine. 

I want to thank you, my blog friends, for coming here to read my blog.  Oh, I'd still probably write if no one came to read, but it's much more fun when one gets feedback & comments.  I am so appreciative of you all and hope you continue to visit me here in blogland in the new year.

Happy New Year...may you receive many blessings.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. - Ecclesiastes 9:10


Farm Girl said...

I like all of your pictures, they look really neat like that. I think when you turn the page from 2010 to 2011 you should be very happy, you got lots of things finished. Hey, I was looking at a chair pad you sent, is that one of your designs? It says Brown dog prims, is that you? Oh I have been meaning to tell you that stand you sent is the handiest thing ever. I have been using it for needle punch too.
I love the wool cutter as well, that is just fun. Just don't have anything to show yet. My work basket is filled with projects in process.
Have a great New Year.

Gail said...

Each one a masterpiece.

Happy New Year!

Joanne said...

What a wonderful year of projects! Great post - well said - Happy New Year! Hugs to you and Tag

WoolenSails said...

You really have created a lot of beautiful quilts this year. Hopefully I can get going and fill my house with quilts this year.


moosecraft said...

A most happy and healthy New Year to you Jacque! It is always fun and a real pleasure to visit here and see what you and Naomi Janomi are up to and also what sillies that handsome Tag E Butt has been up to! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
Happy New Year to you and Tag!
Your 2010 accomplishments are totally awesome. May you complete even more in 2011!
Hugs :)

Why Not Sew? said...

Great post. Love your collage Jacque.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You have really been busy this past year. I thank you again for all the beautiful thing that you made for me and mine. Love. Joyce

Anonymous said...

"things". Joyce

Nanci said...

The best photo was the joy in our lives.
I consider my self and an advance beginner too! I have projects that I like, but if it is beyond intermediate, I don't even go there.
You do pretty good work in my humble (really) opinion.