Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DWTS and AI...

Did you watch DWTS last night?
I love the group dances.
Did you see them?

What'd you think of Team Mambo?
Did you just love the end when the guys
were up on the judge's desk?
If you missed it, watch it here...

Did you 'get' it?
What they were doing there at the end?

Do you watch SNL?
I don't, but one night last November, I did...
Justin Timberlake was host...and Beyonce was the music act.

Beyonce and Justin Timberlake did a parody of her video,
"Single Ladies"...I laughed so hard!

So. Last night, when the song, "Single Ladies" started,
I remembered the parody...but certainly did NOT expect
Team Mambo to do a parody of the parody!
Oh. My. Gosh.
I laughed so hard, and thought it was the greatest fun!!!

Those guys...unbelievably gutsy!

See the guy on the far left?
That is Justin Timberlake. ohman. Laugh much??


American Idol.

Danny Gokey.
I absolutely love that guy!
Great vocals...and he just seems so real.
I like Kris and Adam, too.

However, I really hope that Danny wins.


Anonymous said...

I love Beyonce's video for her song
"Single ladies(Put a ring on it)"
She is so awesome and the Mambo team did a great job dancing to that song! Loved the guys' tights!!!

Jody said...

I really like Kris or Matt, but Matt didn't do SO hot last night. I'm hoping for Kris. Adam really irritates me for some reason??!! Not sure if it's the way he acts or what.

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I thought of you when they did the Beyonce song from when it was on SNL...I thought they did a great job and laughed so hard...bouncing around with Idol...am liking Matt more and more, esp. last week's performance (he's soooooo dang cute!)...but do like Danny, and Adam, but am not so sure anymore Adam will win...and I do like Allison's voice so much, but I know she'll never win...Adam needs to kick it up, enough of the slow songs, get back to "Black or White" mode...there's my critique...

Anonymous said...

I must correct my earlier comment regarding Idol...I like CHRIS, NOT MATT!!! Got the names mixed up...Matt's not even cute...am watching now and shocked Adam is in the bottom 3, but have had a hunch he's not going to win...