Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Geometric Mat Challenge

This past summer, I issued a challenge to the hookers of Wool hook a fall-themed mat with geometric borders. Six of us completed the are the wonderful mats.

The mats measure approximately 16 x 16 inches...and the center motif could be a pumpkin, a saltbox house, or acorns. The motif designs were supplied by me.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Very nice ~ each one!! Good challenge, Jacque~~

kks said...

you know my favorite...and i like the acorn too!

JoJo said...

Oh! Jacque, these are so neat! But I'm feeling like a total dunce. Because of the situation with Cricket, I haven't yet mailed the prizes to you. We'll get them in the mail to you by priority or express mail before the weekend. go vote!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love the pumpkins!

Nancy said...

Those are wonderful rugs -- each one!! What a great challenge! I expecially like the acorns.

Sheri said...

Jacque, it was fun participating in this challenge and thank you for putting it on. I agree all the rugs are beautiful! I need your address so I can mail a prize to you also.


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